Welcome to Your Grandmother's Cupboard

Your Grandmother's Cupboard is a non-profit organization established by people who recognize the needs of the homeless and working poor in our communities. The Cupboard was established to provide some of these basic needs through local donations. Many people living in poverty often do not have access to transportation to visit thrift shops and pantries. This program is unique because we bring clothing, shoes, blankets, and personal care items to where they are needed most.

Your help is needed NOW.  What can you do?  The first thing is pray and then pray again.  Our help is in the name of the Lord and He is the one to help us.

The real needs are leadership and expansion.  Yes, funding is suffering as special gifts and grants that came after Hurricane Sandy have almost disappeared.  Our leadership is aging and we need some new leaders to pick up the cause.  There is the need to develop outside of New Jersey as we are a unique mission.

We need to spread the word of this mission so that others hear the Holy Spirit call to action.  This can be done by including in church prayers, bulletins, newsletters, help with the website, Facebook, talking with family, friends and neighbors, etc.

If you don't know what is unique about the Cupboard, read Some facts.

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